Shelter cat moves in: Tips for preparation

After you and your family have agreed that you can offer an animal shelter cat a beautiful, species-appropriate and lifelong home, it is time to prepare. So that your new pet can settle in quickly despite the excitement, for example, everything should be well prepared in the apartment before the house tiger moves in.

Preparation of the apartment

First of all, you should make your apartment cat-proof. Make sure that poisonous plants, tilt windows, dangerous cables and other hazards are out of reach of the newcomer. Also the complete basic equipment should be already in the house, before your cat moves in. At least one spacious litter box per cat, a scratching tree per room, a brush and of course a food and water bowl are included.

Also cat litter and cat food should not be forgotten during the preparation – it is best to first choose the varieties that the cat knows from the shelter. Last but not least, prepare a room for the cat in which you can arrive in peace and quiet and recover from the journey without any disturbances.

Pick up the animal shelter cat

If it can be arranged, it would be nice if you could take a few days off for this special occasion. Otherwise you should pick up your cat before the weekend to have time, patience and rest for the arrival of the new family member. The journey home from the shelter should be as short and pleasant as possible. It is best to drive to the shelter by car and bring along a high-quality, softly lined transport box that can be locked securely.

You can either fasten it to the back seat with belts on the return journey or place the transport box in the footwell in front of the back seat, where the cat is safest. Make sure that the ventilation grilles are free and that your cat gets enough air in the box.

Arrived at home

Now a few exciting days begin for the former animal home cat. You can make it more pleasant if you don’t receive any visitors during this time and let the velvet paw explore its new territory in peace. For the first few hours, it is best to leave them in a room equipped with a cat litter box, retreat, water and cat food. If she gets more courageous and curious, you can open the door so that she can extend the discovery tour to the whole apartment.

Further tips for preparation

It is best to let your new pet explore the apartment at its own pace – it probably needs some rest first. Of course, if it wants to be close to you, you can pet it and play with it. But you shouldn’t force him to be close. In addition, you should plan for something to go wrong, especially in the early stages.

The cat first has to learn where her litter box is, where to sharpen her claws and where not, on which shelf she better not climb and – if there are several pets – who the boss is in the house. Try to stay calm even in difficult times and remember that time is very exciting for your shelter cat – as she gets used to it, everything becomes easier over time.

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