Love is … how cats show their affection

The behavior with which cats show their love is usually different from human proofs of love. However, if you notice the following behaviours in your cat, you will be lucky because she will feel comfortable with you.

1. giving heads

When cats want to show you their sympathy, they often poke with their heads against your legs, your face or whatever else is offered. By giving their heads, fur noses distribute pheromones and leave their scent mark. If your cat nudges you with her head, it means that she trusts you and thinks you belong to her.

2nd love bite

Other clear signals with which cats show their love are so-called love bites. Your cat bites your fingers or toes slightly out of affection, so that it doesn’t hurt, but just pinches and tickles a little.

3. cleaning

If your velvet paw tries to clean you up and slobber on you, this is also a proof of love. You may feel honored: Your cat sees you as part of your family.

4. milk kick

An unmistakable sign: the “milk kick”. This is a remnant from childhood. Kittens kick their mother’s stomach with their paws so that more milk comes out. So when your cat kneads you purringly, she feels as comfortable and safe with you as she does with her mother.

5. show belly

If your cat stretches her belly towards you, she trusts you completely. The reason: cats are more defensive. Their most vulnerable spot, their belly, they usually do not present humans. All the more beautiful if they do. Because it is proof that the velvet paw feels safe, protected and loved.

6. rub against the legs

If your cat doesn’t get enough of you, it not only follows you every step of the way, but also rubs on your legs to spread its scent. Another unmistakable sign of your cat’s affection.

7. gifts

Whether dead mice or dead birds, the gifts of your cat are not always beautiful, nevertheless your velvet paw shows you that she likes you.

Cats show love through closeness

Once cats have taken a person into their hearts, they usually like to be close to them. This also depends on the personality of the cat, because some velvet paws are by nature more reserved than others.

So where an affectionate, cuddly cat follows you at every turn, strokes between your legs and immediately jumps to cuddle on your lap as soon as you sit down, a reserved, shy chick is content to snooze peacefully with you in the same room.

However, if your cat is normally reserved and suddenly looks for your nearness or your otherwise cuddly cat suddenly seems shy, something may be wrong. Look if she seems to be in pain or has little appetite. If she does, we recommend going to the vet.

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