Care of the cat claws: You should pay attention to this

Each house tiger has 18 cat claws, which it cleans completely automatically with the daily fur care. You’ve probably seen your cat spread its paws before and then lick and nibble on them energetically. This step of daily cat hygiene is not only important to keep the toes clean – the claws also undergo extensive care.

Why the care of cat claws is so important

Cat-claws serve as climbing- and jump-assist, but also for grasping, catching and holding of loot. Cats also use their claws in territorial fights – for attack and defence alike. Because the claws have so many different tasks in the life of a velvet paw, the care is extremely important. But this does not only mean that they are always clean. The horn tissue they consist of is constantly renewed by the body. The result: the cat claws “skin” themselves at regular intervals.

Perhaps you have already found such empty claw covers in your home. Normally the cat will remove them when sharpening its claws on the scratching tree or in the wild. If you should discover such pods while cuddling your velvet paw, which are still hanging on the cat claws, you can remove them carefully.

Should you cut a cat’s claws?

Basically, once you start to cut cat claws, you have to do it again and again. Therefore you should only help to shorten the claws in absolutely exceptional cases. If the claws of your house tiger are already so long for example that they make clicking noises when running over laminate or tiles, then you should intervene. It is best to discuss any cutting of the claws beforehand with your vet and let it show itself.

Caution is advised: Do not cut off too much as cat claws are streaked and supplied with blood at the base of Mark – if you start here, it will be very painful for your cat and it will probably not tolerate the claw cutting any more. Therefore, shorten only the outermost tip – preferably with special claw scissors from a specialist shop.

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