High blood pressure in cats: Regular eye examinations necessary

Hypertension is a widespread disease in cats. However, it does not usually occur alone, but is a side effect of other major diseases such as renal insufficiency or hypothyroidism. If you do not have your cat treated, you risk serious damage not only to your kidneys, nervous system and cardiovascular system, but also to your eyes.

Hypertension has an effect on eyes

Massey University in Auckland, Australia has conducted a study with 73 domestic cats. In twelve of the velvet paws examined, damage to certain parts of the eyes was found, which typically occurs with elevated blood pressure. Ten of the twelve cats were actually diagnosed with hypertension or chronic kidney disease – or both. And three of them were even diagnosed with severe visual impairment because retina, choroid or optic nerve were much more severely damaged than the other cats.

These results show: High blood pressure in cats can have a significant impact on the eyes if you don’t do something about it in time.

Thorough check-up of cats necessary

If your cat is diagnosed with high blood pressure, have it thoroughly examined by your veterinarian. It may be an indication of another, possibly more serious disease such as renal failure or hypothyroidism.

If no organs have been damaged yet and your cat’s blood pressure is not yet in the critical range, it may be sufficient to focus the treatment on the main disease. You may be able to avoid taking medication for the time being in consultation with your vet. But be sure to have your pussy’s blood pressure checked regularly. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, a regular eye examination is also advisable.

You can also do the following

But you can contribute even more to the well-being of your house tiger and prevent high blood pressure. For example, make sure your cat gets enough vitamin C and E from your food. Both vitamins have a slight antihypertensive effect. Olive leaf extract can have a similar effect. Omega-3 fatty acids can also lower your cat’s blood pressure. However, you should always discuss these measures with your veterinarian first.

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