Caution: 8 hidden dangers for dogs in the household

It is precisely the hidden dangers that we have to pay particular attention to – those that at first glance do not appear to be dangerous at all. We simply leave the chocolate pack open on the coffee table before going to bed in the evening and it’s all over: The sofa-wolf ate it, although chocolate is poisonous for dogs. You should also pay attention to the following dangers.

1. food

Not only chocolate is poisonous for dogs, but also many other foods or sweets lying around in the household. These include, for example, spiced human food or sweets stuffed with sugar. Healthy snacks, such as grapes or nuts, are also not good for dogs. You can find more on this topic in the guide “Beware toxic! Food that dogs should not eat”.

2. medication

However, not only food, but also other household items such as medicines can unexpectedly get into the dog’s mouth. Some tablets, such as certain painkillers and other medical preparations, are extremely dangerous for dogs and can lead to severe poisoning. Therefore, always keep medication safe, both in a household with animals and in one with children.

3. chemicals

There are cleaning agents and other chemicals in every household. Curious fur noses like to browse everywhere and can poison themselves if the tongue is pulled over an open bottle with cleaner or the like. Store chemicals, cleaning agents and Co. therefore always in such a way that your quadruped cannot reach them. Tip: Since some clever cold schnäuzer can also open cabinets, a storage in higher position is recommended.

4. power cable

The horror for every pet owner is an electric shock that the beloved pet can suffer. Since dogs are curious by nature and want to discover their surroundings, they may also nibble on this strange, elongated string lying behind the television. Wuff does not know that this is a life-threatening power cable. You should therefore always hide cables safely, for example using cable protection strips.

5. small and pointed objects

A dog’s curiosity does not stop at objects lying around, such as needles, buttons, cigarettes, plastic parts or plastic bags. Always make sure that your animal roommate does not get hold of any small, dangerous objects that could cause internal injuries or suffocation if swallowed (accidentally).

6. poisonous plants

A poisonous plant in the flat or in the garden can become very dangerous for a quadruped. Lily of the valley, tulips, geraniums and other plants are very poisonous for dogs and should not even come within reach of the animals. Before buying a plant, find out whether it is poisonous for dogs or not.

7th barbecue season

The barbecue season is dangerous for dogs. On the one hand, this is because dogs often catch a piece of grill meat or grill remains, which they do not get because of the spices, and on the other hand, the grill itself with its heat and the glowing coals can lead to injuries. Avoid low, temporary tables on the terrace and always keep an eye on the hot grill when you grill – otherwise your dog might stick his nose where it shouldn’t be.

8. standing water

Speaking of barbecue season. Summer, with its high temperatures, also brings danger for the dog bowl. Both dog food and water for the dog can spoil quickly in the heat. Make sure that the food does not stay too long in the bowl and change the water every few hours in summer, otherwise germs and bacteria will multiply in it.

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