Keep dogs busy in bad weather: game ideas

In order to keep your dog busy even when the weather does not allow long walks, various games at home are exactly the right choice. Not only the body is trained, but also the head.

Indoor fun: search games for dogs

Not only outside search games are very well suited to keep your four-legged friend occupied – also in the apartment your dog will enthusiastically search for the things which you have hidden before for him. Because your dog won’t be distracted by the smell of other dogs or animals at home, search games are even better for indoors than outdoors.

Of course, the games work especially well with treats. Simply hide them at different points in the apartment and then send your four-legged friend on a search. It’s best to vary the level of difficulty: while some rewards are easy to find, you can place other treats in places that your dog will only find with a little more work. A tip: If your pet is a very playful contemporary, you can work with his favourite toys instead of treats.

Keep dog busy with clicker training

Clicker training is also one of the methods that you can use to keep your dog busy at home at all times. All you need are treats and a so-called clicker. This is a small plastic utensil that is equipped with either a button or a metal piece in the middle that makes a click sound when pressed.

At the beginning of the training your dog must first learn that this click sound means something positive. Use the clicker once and give your dog a treat immediately. Repeat this exercise several times. If your pet has learned to combine the sound with a reward, you can use the clicker training to engage him in a variety of ways. For example, retrieval games, various tricks or obedience exercises can be implemented with the Clicker Training.

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