Autumn dog food with pumpkin and Co

1. healthy and tasty: dog food with pumpkin

Dog food made with particularly fresh, natural ingredients is often available in great seasonal varieties. This special “autumn menu” contains turkey and duck meat, pumpkin, potatoes and many healthy minerals and oils. In order to retain as many nutrients as possible in the ingredients, it is gently cooked and cold bottled according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. dry food with autumnal ingredients

Dry food is also available with autumnal ingredients such as pumpkin. When choosing a suitable variety for your dog, also look at the list of ingredients to get the healthiest product possible with a high meat content, without sugar and artificial flavour enhancers. Natural, vitamin-rich and well-tolerated additives, on the other hand, should be found in it.

3. also available: snacks with pumpkin

Your dog will get something autumnal for in between with delicious pumpkin-flavoured snacks. A freeze-dried natural product without colourings, additives and preservatives is a particularly healthy choice – especially if there is also a high meat content in the composition list.

4. flake mix with vegetables and pumpkin for Barfer

Also many barefoot dog owners occasionally include vitamin-rich products with pumpkin in their feeding program. Pumpkin can either be cut fresh or added to the food as flakes. A mix of rice flakes with vegetables and pumpkin, for example, can be mixed with meat and provide variety in the pet’s diet.

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