Breastfeeding bitch: particularities of nutrition

A lactating bitch needs more nutrients than usual and even more than during pregnancy. After all, the young mother not only feeds herself, but also has to make milk for her puppies, which is very rich in protein, calcium and energy. All this is very exhausting. The bitch’s energy requirement can therefore increase by up to 5,000 kilocalories per day. Since this value varies depending on the breed and size of the animal, you should discuss your bitch’s diet with a veterinarian.

A lactating bitch needs a lot of energy

For a healthy diet, you should always rely on particularly high-quality dog food, even during the suckling period, so that the dog’s mother can feed her litter well without being weakened herself. High quality dog food usually has a high energy content, so that a lactating bitch does not necessarily have to eat much more of it to meet her increased needs.

The freshly baked mother could not eat so much of normal food that her increased energy requirements could be covered – if she did, you risk overfeeding.

Nutrition with moderation

Dry food is almost always recommended for the lactating bitch – provided that your four-legged friend tolerates it well. It should consist of one third protein and almost as much fat. It is best to leave the food for the lactating bitch all day long so that she can help herself at any time. According to experts, the following is regarded as a guideline for the right diet: The mother dog must not lose more than ten percent of her body weight during suckling.

Once the puppies are weaned, the bitch should return to her normal weight within a month.

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