Light food for dogs to cook themselves: Tips and recipes

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If you want to cook your own light food for dogs, you can create a good alternative to buying expensive special products. With these tips and recipes you can prepare healthy, easily digestible meals for your four-legged friend, which even taste good.

If you want your dog to have a light diet, you can get a special food from the vet or cook it yourself. In the latter case you will at least know exactly what your pet’s food contains.

However, it is important that the food is adapted to the needs of the weakened quadruped.

Light food for the dog: When does it make sense?

For a light and digestible nutrition of a dog many reasons come into question. For example, it can be important during a diet or, if your four-legged friend after a OP I’m supposed to get back on my feet.

Gentle food is also important during and after gastrointestinal diseases, which are associated with vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of appetite.

Dogs that suffer from certain dog diseases or food intolerances may even have them on their diet for life. It is also conceivable that dogs suffering from heartburn, also known as gastritis, may be given a light diet.

Whether it is loss of appetite, diseases or food intolerances, in consultation with the veterinarian it is important to help sick or weakened dogs with the right food back on their feet. But what do you actually have to take into account when eating a light diet?

Characteristics of a good dog food

Gentle food should provide sick and weakened dogs with important nutrients without burdening their metabolism. Avoid indigestible ingredients, such as raw fibres in cereals, when preparing light foods.

As a rule, low-fat foods that do not contain spices are suitable. For example, digestible and high-protein meats such as chicken or turkey are ideal.

Rice and potatoes give strength to the weakened dog body with many carbohydrates and provide a protective effect for the stomach mucous membrane. Grated carrots also help with diarrhoea.

Here is an overview of the foods that are suitable as a light diet for dogs:

Fish and meat: – Chicken – Turkey

– lean fish

Vegetables: – Potatoes – Carrots – Zucchini

– pumpkin

Dairy products: – Low-fat quark with low fat content

– low-fat cottage cheese

More food: – Rice – linseed – oat flakes – apples

– honey

It is best to discuss the amounts of each ingredient with a veterinarian, as they depend on the reason why your dog should receive this food.

Tip: In order not to overstrain the digestion of your quadruped too much, you always serve light food in room temperature and several times in smaller portions.

Gentle food prescription for dogs with food unwillingness

A popular light diet recipe if your pet suffers from loss of appetite is a mixture of lean, cooked turkey meat, rice, carrots, brewer’s yeast, low-fat curd cheese, honey and oat flakes. Proceed as follows:

1. carefully remove all bones from the turkey. 2. cook the meat without spices in a water bath. 3. boil the rice. 4. mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1/3 turkey with 2/3 rice.

Stir in the carrots – as well as a little honey, a minced beer yeast tablet, a tablespoon of low-fat curd cheese and a few oat flakes.

Gentle food recipe for dogs with digestive problems

After surviving gastrointestinal diseases with accompanying symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting, it is important to replenish the dog with the nutrients he needs. One way is to give the dog a mixture of rice pudding boiled with water, cottage cheese, carrots, linseed and grated apples. Proceed as follows:

1. mix the rice pudding, the cottage cheese and the carrot in a ratio of 1/3 each. 2. Add a tablespoon of linseed to add a little flavour variation.

3. And then there’s a finely grated apple. But be careful: the latter only if your four-legged friend has no dental problems – because apples contain a lot of fructose and fruit acid.

Tip: Also a mixture from 1/3 lean chicken, 1/3 cottage cheese and a bag very softly cooked bag rice tastes very good to most ill quadrupeds!

Your dog won’t touch the light food?

In the event that your dog does not want to eat the light food, consult a veterinarian. He can tell you how you can make them even tastier for your pet.

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